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Parking information 停车处信息

Implementation of Season Parking in Ai Tong School with effect from 1 August 2018

Ai Tong School (ATS) has implemented season parking with effect from 1 August 2018.  Due to the limited parking capacity in ATS, all available parking lots have been designated as season parking lots for use by school staff and non-staff providing essential services. As such, parking at ATS is not available for parents/guardians who are visiting the school (e.g. meeting with teachers or school leaders etc), Parent Volunteers (PVs) and ATS Parent Support Group (PSG) members etc.  Should you wish to drive to school, parking facilities are available at Midview City and the nearby HDB car parks.

Parents who are driving and need to pick up their children before school dismissal time (e.g. child is unwell and needs to see doctor/return home etc) may continue to park their vehicle for a short duration (not exceeding 10 minutes) at the school foyer. However, there may be occasions when temporary parking is not available and in such instances, we seek your understanding to cooperate with our Security Guards and/or Operations Manager if you are directed to park at the nearby parking facilities instead.

ATS will continue to allow parents’ vehicles to access the school premises for daily students’ drop-off and pick-up for school assembly and dismissal.  (Refer to 
Driving information)

Illegal Parking along Bright Hill Drive/Sin Ming Avenue in front of Ai Tong School

LTA has advised on the following: 

  • No parking at all times within 9 metres of a bus stop (from the tip of the bus bay (back and front) including the bus bay itself).
  • No parking at all times within 6 metres of an intersection or junction of any road or street.
  • No stopping at all times on road marked with single white zig-zag line (offence attracts demerit points).
  • No stopping or parking abreast to another vehicle at all times (offence attracts demerit points).

If you require more information on this, you may wish to refer to the following: 
Illegal Parking

Parents are kindly advised not to arrive too early before dismissal times. Should you arrive early, you may consider parking your vehicles at Midview City or the nearby HDB car parks.

Turn Off Idling Vehicle Engines

To achieve better air quality and safeguard public health, National Environment Agency has advised the School to remind you that it is an offence to leave your vehicle engine running when it is stationary for reasons other than traffic conditions under the Environmental Protection and Management (Vehicular Emissions) Regulations. Parents are kindly advised to comply with NEA's regulation. Compliance would be beneficial to our students as the exhaust fumes are detrimental to their health.