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Our school is pleased to announce that we are partnering a Self-help group to start, The Fathers@ATS movement, in alignment to the Singapore National Fathers Movement.  

“Launched in 2009, Dads for Life is Singapore’s National Fathers Movement that seeks to inspire, mobilise and involve fathers to become good influences in their children’s lives – for life! The Dads for Life movement is an initiative of Centre for Fathering, a non-profit organisation established in 2001 that empowers more fathers to be better role models and an enduring inspiration to their children” (extracted from  

Likewise, Ai Tong School’s Self-help group which is formed by a group of daddies, whose children are currently studying in Whitesand Primary School, has initiated the Fathers’ movements of that school. They are reaching out to our school to help us to kick-start the Fathers@ATS.  They will organise termly events to promote relationship-building between fathers and children of Ai Tong School till end of Year 2019 and are hopeful that by the Year 2020, Ai Tong School students’ fathers can come on board to continue this meaningful movement for the benefits of our students. (For more information, you can visit