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Special Programmes

Lifelong Learning Programmes (LLP) in ATS

Awarded two LLPs in 2015, Ai Tong School remains committed to her school vision - to provide pupils with holistic learning experiences. LLPs enable pupils to connect with others, hone social and emotional competencies, find purpose and passion in life and contribute to the society.   

‘Caring Through Arts’ features 2 key programmes: (1) Rhythm of the Arts; and (2) Fun with Arts. Through these two programmes, pupils are exposed to a holistic learning experience with opportunities to learn and grow – “hands on” learning instead of just theoretical learning of music/art. Pupils are also exposed to international art forms, cultures and values. They would be given opportunities to put what they learn into action through the process of preparing, rehearsing and performing their work. Values and skills such as respect for self and others, global awareness and cross-cultural skills experienced will carry them through life, learning how to appreciate cultural uniqueness and beauty.    

'Character & Leadership Development through Outdoor Education Programme’: L.E.A.D (Lead, Environment, Adventure, Develop) @ Ai Tong School is a school-wide programme for all levels. The activities are specially designed for pupils to participate progressively and to develop through each level. Through these activities, pupils experience varying levels of challenges that develop toughness (physical), resilience (mental & emotional), teamwork (social) and an appreciation of nature and its surroundings.

Ai Tong School LLPs

     Link: LLP1 - Caring through Arts.pdf                       Link: LLP2 - OE Programme.pdf

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