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School Attire 校服

1. Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modifications to the school uniform are not           allowed.
2. Boys are to be clean-shaven and not to sport a beard or moustache.
3. Pupils are to be in neat school uniform or PE attire for all school activities, including activities held         in school over the weekend/school holiday (e.g. CCA, enrichment classes organized by Alumni). 
4. Not adhering to the above rules would be considered as committing an offence for improper attire         and grooming. 
5. The school uniform consists of the following:

School Attire

School Attire - Uniforms

6. Hairstyles must be neat and simple. Highlighting, dyeing and gelling of hair are not allowed.

The fringe must be kept above the eyebrow. In addition:

        • Boys’ hair must not touch the ears and collar.
        • Girls must keep their hair combed back from the face and neatly pinned up if necessary.  Hair that reaches below the collar must be cut or tied up neatly. Only plain black hair accessories are allowed.

7. Jewellery/ ornaments are not to be worn for reasons of vanity. Girls may wear only one pair of             small, simple ear studs which may be in either gold or silver. No coloured and/or hoop earrings             are allowed.

8. Sports necklaces or wristbands are not allowed.

9. The PE attire is to be worn only on days when the pupil has PE lessons or sports-related CCA.

The PE Uniform consists of the following:

School Attire - PE

10.  All t-shirts must be neatly tucked in.

11.  The PE attire goes with white shoes and socks as well.

12.  The pinafore for girls should be worn over the PE attire when they come to school 

          and after their PE lessons/CCA. 

13.  The pinafore for girls should only be removed when it is time to take part in the PE 

          lesson / CCA.

14.  Only P1 and P2 girls are excused from putting on pinafore to school on PE 

          and Programme for Active Learning (PAL) days.