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Online Travel Declaration 

Dear Parents, 

We are pleased to inform that Parents’ Gateway has built-in the Travel Declaration application, to ease parents of making multiple travel declarations if their children are not in the same school.

As such, kindly take note of the following:

  • Our school will cease using the current online Travel declaration form (i.e. found in the School Parents’ Portal), with effect from 17 May 2019

    • All travel declarations will go through Parents’ Gateway (i.e. for parents who have yet to declare).

    • No further action is needed for parents who have already declared their travel plans earlier via the School Parents’ Portal. 

  • Download and install the latest version of Parents’ Gateway App v3.0.0.

  • Only one parent is required to declare.

  • Attached the User Guides for update of Contact & Travel Declaration for your reference.

  • **All P1 students are required to declare travel plans, by 24 May 2019.

    • You can make a “Not Travelling” declaration if necessary.

  • **P2 to P6 students only need to declare if he/she is travelling.

Thank you for declaring your travel plans to help the school better manage travel safety and emergencies.