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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Our Current place of dwelling within 1 km from ai tong school?
With effect from 2010 P1 Registration Exercise, parents can check the home- school distance category (at no cost) from the Singapore Land Authority's OneMap SchoolQuery Service. The SchoolQuery service allows parents to quickly and conveniently check the proximity of their home to a school. Parents just need to access the, select the ‘SchoolQuery’ service then click on the ‘Find Schools near a building’ option button and provide their residential address under the ‘Find Location’ box found at the top right of the webpage. A list of schools which are ‘Within 1km’, and ‘Between 1-2km’, from the address provided will be displayed. 

2.  Application for Alumni Membership
The application form for alumni membership can be found at Kindly sign and post the completed membership form together with the following documents to Ai Tong School Alumni Association, 100 Bright Hill Drive, Singapore 579646. Other required documents: • A copy of your school records (PSLE Certificate, report book or any other document in support of your application) 

3. I am a non-Singaporean. Can I register my child to your school under the Primary One registration exercise?

Under the Primary One Registration Exercise, your child will be eligible to apply under Phase 3. This phase is for a child who is neither a Singapore Citizen nor a Singapore Permanent Resident. However, from past years' records, our school do not have any vacancy left after Phase 2C. You may wish to visit MOE's website at under Primary One registration exercise after Phase 2C Supplementary. As the Phase 3 registration will usually be at end August, MOE will publish all schools with vacancies after Phase 2C supplementary.

4. Change of Home and Mailing Address 

Kindly complete an official change of address form by MOE for their records and ask your child to pass the completed form to the General Office during school hours for our updating purposes. 

5. Enrolment to Ai Tong School’s Student Care Centre

There is a Student Care Centre situated in our school. You may call them directly at 6456 0919 for further details.

6. My child has misplaced/ lost his EZLink Card. How can I get a replacement?
For EZlink card replacement, you may download the application form from the Transitlink website at The instructions and details can be found on the form. To report loss of card, please call Transitlink Hotline at 1800-2255663 and the card will be invalidated within 48 hours.