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Helping Your Child Set Goals


Goal setting is not just about jotting down things you want to do in life.  It’s much more than that!  Particularly, the process should be the main emphasis and children need parents to be there to guide them along the way.

The whole idea of helping your child for goal setting is to get them started in the life-long frame of mind for thinking, planning and taking action to achieve results.

The ability to set goals and follow through is a valuable life skill. Having this ability to achieve goals enables our children to develop confidence and self-esteem, believing that they are capable and strong.

As parents, we need to help our children to learn about setting goals and reaching them. However, first of all, the goals must be theirs and parental role is to help them to come up with specific and realistic plan to reach the established goals.

·     P1 child is never too young to learn to set goals. In fact, setting goals is an important chapter for the young child to learn and appreciate independence, vision and how to stay being motivated. This is an important trait that a child can make the most of his life so that he is able to decide for himself what he wants to accomplish and work towards completing the task for his own satisfaction.


Speaker’s Profile: Anne Chua

Anne Chua has been conducting parenting talks for more than 10 years. She is a certified Triple P Practitioner (Level 4) and a Child Psychologist with Bachelor of Psychology from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia. In addition, she has a Diploma in Special Education from National Institute of Education (NIE) in 1992.

She worked as a consultant with Fei Yue Community Services (FYCS) to provide initial screening and home consultation services for their Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children. She taught Certificate in Practical Counselling at the Academy of Human Development from 2005 – 2017.


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