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Family Matters @ School

 Ai Tong school is partnering MSF (Ministry of Social and Family Development) to promote Family Matters @ School to equip parents with skills and knowledge to enrich and strengthen their family life; and foster better parent-child understanding and relationship.


We plan a wide series of programmes ranging from parenting talks and workshops, to parent-child bonding activities and social events. All activities are complimentary - no registration and participation fees. Look out for our notification and update of programme highlights on Parents Portal. If you would like to receive email notifications of upcoming programme, you could email our Family Matters @ School Co-ordinator at her emailaddress: sfeaitongprisch@gmail.com


To support parents in building a healthy relationship with their child, Ai Tong School is offering Triple Parenting Programme and signposts. These programmes are proven in improving children's behaviour and reducing parenting stress. Please click on  Triple P_Intro slides.pdf and  Signposts_Intro slides.pdf for more information. You could also visit this website: https://www.msf.gov.sg/media-room/Pages/Factsheet-on-Positive-Parenting-Programme-(Triple-P)-Pilot.aspx for more information of Triple P programme.


You can read more information on Family Matters @ School by clicking on this updated Family Matters @ School website: 


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Useful Information for Parents

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4.       Quality time with our families is important. Five things parents can do to practise gratitude and model gratitude for their children. For more information, click here

 5.       Raising confident children is not easy. How do parents provide appropriate guidance and support? For more information, click here 

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Books for Reading

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