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Student Leadership

In Ai Tong School, the Pupil Leadership Development Programme uses a whole school approach in providing pupils with broad experiences that will develop leadership skills and qualities in them.


Under the Pupil Leaders Council Development Programme, 3 broad approaches are established. They are:


  • Self Leadership以身作则;
  • Team Leadership以智率群; and
  • Servant Leadership以德福群;

Figure 1: Framework of Pupil Leaders Council Development

Framework Student Leadership

Self Leadership以身作则 (Experience)

   Provision of mass participation platforms and opportunities to develop desire, confidence and capacity to take ownership of one’s growth and development based on keen knowledge of self and sound values are provided for our pupils.

Team Leadership以智率群 (Engage)

Delivery of customised leadership opportunities to develop dispositions and social skills in leading and engaging others for our Pupil Leaders Council through effective relationship management 

This is targeted at pupils who have demonstrated school shared values and display leadership potential.

The 8 Pupil Leaders Council Sub-Committee are:

    • Aesthetics Leaders
    • CCA Leaders
    • Cyber Wellness Leaders
    • Green Leaders
    • Health and Fitness Leaders
    • NE Leaders
    • Peer Leaders
    • Reading Leaders

Servant Leadership以德福群 (Empower)

Pupil leaders EXCO develop responsible decision making skills to create a better environment for others and empowering others through inspiring commitment towards a common goal through platforms and training.

July 2016 Pupil Leadership

A hearty welcome to Ai Tong's newly appointed Pupil Leaders from July 2016.

July 2016 Pupil Leadership, Members of the EXCO

Pupil Leadership EXCO.JPG

P3 Prefects

2016-P3 Prefects

P4 Prefects

2016-P4 Prefects

P5 Prefects

2016-P5 Prefects

CCA Leaders

2016-CCA Leaders

Speech by Head of Pupil Leaders, Faith Lee from 5 Sincerity


        Good morning to our Vice-Principals, Ms Wong, Ms Yaw and Mr Chan, teachers, parents and fellow prefects and CCA leaders. I am Faith Lee, the head of Pupil Leaders of Ai Tong School for 2016 and on behalf of the whole school; I would like to warmly welcome all of you to the 2016 Pupil Leaders’ Investiture.

        Upon being appointed as the head of Pupil Leaders, I feel elated and honored to be entrusted with such responsibility but at the same time, nervous and apprehensive of the great challenges that lie ahead of me. Fortunately, this journey would not be undertaken by me alone. I have a team of equally capable leaders, caring teachers and parents whom I can count on to guide me as I tackle the challenges one at a time.

         I ask myself and my fellow leaders, what makes a leader? Some of you may say a leader is someone who guides others to complete a particular task while others believe it means motivating your team members to be their best. While we vary in our definitions, the general sentiments remain the same: Leaders are people who know how to achieve their goal and inspire people along the way. Leaders ensure that no one gets left behind. We care and respect one another and are responsible for our actions. We will be role models of our school’s values, to persevere in all endeavors and to be sincere in our actions.

        For my fellow pupil leaders, we are chosen as pupil leaders as the teachers recognize our contribution as well as our potential as future leaders. We will take the initiative to present our ideas to contribute to making the school a better learning environment. We will also be the voices of the pupils of this school, which is why there are committees like Pupils’ Welfare, Nexus, Training and Development, Operations and Events. As pupil leaders, we need to cultivate good relationship with our fellow schoolmates in order to obtain valuable feedback. Constructive feedback has been translated into positive, tangible changes in school. For example, the Canteen Cleaning Project was launched as we received feedback from the students that canteen was too dirty. Speaking about the canteen cleaning project, it was a period that stretches us to our true potential. We had to schedule different classes to clean the canteen in our school. We had some disagreements but with our goal in mind, we manage to resolve conflict of ideas rather quickly and managed to complete the task at hand. The greatest sense of satisfaction from this project came from the fact that we made our school a better place for everyone. But this will not be the last project the student leaders will undertake. We have ample opportunities to shine when we meet again to plan the upcoming Teachers’ Day, National Day and festive celebrations.

        But I would like to end this speech, thanking our parents and teachers who have stood behind us during the uphill battles we had. They not only nurtured us to be who we are today, but also sacrificed a lot of their leisure time to be part of our day to day activity. They provided us with overwhelming support and listened to us when we needed someone to talk to. But the true way to thank them is for us to continue what we started and leave our impression behind, giving our utmost commitment in our respective roles and make this school a better place for all. Going forward, let us all, as prefects and CCA leaders, work together to empower the student body.


          I want to share this great proverb that I always believe in; if you want to go fast, you go alone, but if you want to go far, we go together.

        Together we will make 2016 a successful year for everyone. Thank you.

Speech by Chairperson of CCA Leaders, Darius Chia from 5 Respect

        Good morning principal, vice principals, teachers, parents and fellow schoolmates. I am Darius Chia from 5 Respect.  It is with great honour to be standing here delivering this speech as the Head of CCA leaders for 2016.

        Before I begin my speech, I would like to thank my parents, all the teachers and CCA leaders who will be supporting and guiding me through this journey.

        I am fully aware that the role as the head of CCA leaders comes with many responsibilities. When I first came to hear that I was chosen for this role, many questions came to my mind. How do I get the CCA leaders to be better role models to their respective CCA members? How do I get the CCA members in this school to show more teamwork, team spirit and sportsmanship during their CCAs? I realized that the answer to all these questions comes from each one of us. I believe that we must first create a team with a vision. 

        Warren Bennis, an American scholar who has influenced many leaders and scholars, once said, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” CCA leaders do not lead by simply giving instructions. We are role models for others to emulate and we should continue to inspire one another to be better persons as we work cohesively as a team.

        As the head of CCA leaders, I have envisioned to instill in my schoolmates a strong passion for CCAs and to promote CCAs as a platform for the love of learning beyond classrooms.  Some of the happiest moments in my personal experience for the past few years in my CCA are the invaluable friendships fostered among my CCA mates and the strong bond I have with my teammates in Track and Field. It is more than just winning medals for our school.

        Hence, my desire is to see that when pupils leave this school one day, not only will they have fond memories from their classes but great learning experiences they have gained from their CCAs. My wish is that these experiences will help them soar high and far for many years to come.

        Last but not least, I hope to successfully lead my team on this mission to continue the values of Ai Tong School; to build strong teamwork and to fan the spirit of camaraderie in all CCAs and rise to the challenges that may come our way. With this, I look forward to everyone’s support for my team and me.

Thank You!

Showing Appreciation is a Great Attitude

Showing Appreciation is a Great Attitude - Photo 1.jpg

Showing Appreciation is a Great Attitude - Photo 2.jpg

Showing Appreciation is a Great Attitude - Photo 3.jpg

Showing Appreciation is a Great Attitude - Photo 4.jpg

An opportunity for all Ai Tong School pupils to practise being grateful for what they have now in the new Ai Tong School. The Prefects have led the pupils in writing "Thank you" notes to show their gratitude.

Showing Appreciation is a Great Attitude - Photo 5.jpg

Showing Appreciation is a Great Attitude - Photo 6.jpg

Showing Appreciation is a Great Attitude - Photo 7.jpg

Showing Appreciation is a Great Attitude - Photo 8.jpg

Showing Appreciation is a Great Attitude - Photo 9.jpg

Showing Appreciation is a Great Attitude - Photo 10.jpg

Showing Appreciation is a Great Attitude - Photo 11.jpg

Showing Appreciation is a Great Attitude - Photo 12.jpg

Packed lunch and drinks were presented to the EAS team (Admin Staff and Cleaners) by the Prefect EXCO on behalf of all pupils on 4 February 2016, Thursday.

Indeed, Gratitude is a Great Attitude! 

Prefect Camp on 5 and 6 November 2015

Prefect Camp on 5 and 6 Nov 2015 - Photo 01

Pupils leaders playing a team bonding game. They need to communicate and work cooperatively to detangle themselves.


Prefect Camp on 5 and 6 Nov 2015 - Photo 02
Prefect Camp on 5 and 6 Nov 2015 - Photo 03

Another team bonding activity: Pupil leaders have to build the tallest structure that they can with the materials provided. Through this activity, they collaborate with each other and build relationship. They also learn to adapt, make decisions, and seek improvements on current work situations. (Prefects are exposed to the fact that they may need to work on other’s work and think of how to improve on the current work.)  

Prefect Camp on 5 and 6 Nov 2015 - Photo 04

Brainstorming together to compose cheers.

July 2015 Pupil Leadership

A warm welcome to Ai Tong's newly appointed Pupil Leaders from July 2015.

July 2015 Pupil Leadership, Members of the EXCO

July 2015 Pupil Leadership.jpg

P2 Pupil Leaders

2015-P2 Pupil Leaders

P3 Trainee Prefects

2015-P3 Trainee Prefects

P4 Prefects

2015-P4 Prefects

P5 Prefects

2015-P5 Prefects

CCA Leaders

2015-CCA Leaders

Speech by Head of Pupil Leaders, Ethan Tew from 5 Independence

Good morning Mr Tan, Ms Wong, Ms Yaw, parents and fellow student leaders. I am Ethan, and it is my pleasure to be appointed as the new Head of Pupil Leaders.
            What is being a pupil leader all about? This is a question that I have always been reflecting upon. Allow me to share a key highlight in my own leadership journey- working with the Prefectorial Board Operations Committee to plan for the Toilet Cleaning project.  It was an extremely stressful period and we had to get our hands dirty with detailed planning. For instance, we had to crack our head when it came to scheduling different classes to clean the various toilets in our humongous school compound.  We were nervous about running into problems.  However, with perseverance and the help of teachers and fellow students, the toilet cleaning project went smoothly with minimal hiccups. This project was recognised by the Ministry of Education and we won an award for our hard work. However, the greatest sense of satisfaction for the Prefects, was not from the award. Instead, it came from the fact that we had made the school a better place for everyone, one toilet at a time. Some students even provided feedback that toilet cleaning was fun because they never had the opportunity to do it at home! Perhaps, this is what it means when we care, lead and inspire as one.
            Of course, being a pupil leader is not just about planning and executing projects. On a day to day basis, we must continue to lead by example and model the school values, Sincerity and Perseverance for our schoolmates. We should keep in mind the qualities embodied by our Four Dynamic Learners as we carry out our tasks.  Just like our Socially Responsible Leader, we will show concern for one another.
As Pupil Leaders, we also need to be the voices of the students. Ai Tong students have always been a little shy in voicing their thoughts.  So far, prefects have cultivated good relationship with our peers in order to obtain valuable feedback from them. Constructive feedback has been translated into positive, tangible changes in school.  For example, the Toilet Cleaning Project was launched because we heard feedback from students that toilets were too dirty.
Going forward, let us all, as prefects and CCA leaders, work together to empower the student body. Together, we can ensure that everyone is confident enough to provide feedback on their own to teachers and school leaders. Ultimately, we hope that every student will contribute actively to make Ai Tong a dynamic place, where every Ai Tong student will feel a sense of ownership and pride.
           To my fellow pupil leaders, let us take this opportunity to thank our parents for nurturing us. Our parents have sacrificed a lot of their leisure time to be involved in our day to day activity. Without them, we would not be who we are today. Let us also express our gratitude to all our teachers and school leaders, who have been providing overwhelming support to each of us. They have listened to us and provided valuable advice. I believe that the best way to thank these important people would be to give our utmost commitment in our respective roles and make this school a better place for all. With the support from everyone, I am confident that we, as Pupil Leaders, will be able to have a fruitful leadership journey ahead.
            Thank you. 

Speech by Chairperson of CCA leaders, Jaryl Yip 5 Care

This is Jaryl Yip. Below please find my speech for the coming Investiture:

Good morning, Mr Tan, Ms Wong, teachers and fellow students. I am Jaryl Yip Jia Le from Class 5 Care. It is with great honour that I am standing here delivering this speech as the new chairman of the CCA Leaders for 2015.

First of all, I would like to thank all CCA leaders and teachers who have supported and guided me along this journey.

I know the roles and responsibilities of the Head of CCA Leaders come with heavy responsibilities and commitment. At this point in time, on behalf of the students of Ai Tong School, I wish to send my sincere thanks to all senior CCA leaders for their hard work, time and effort they had put in over the past year leading the various CCAs in the school as well as the members of all CCAs who have put in their best exhibiting the traits of very own dynamic learner, Xiao Yi. Let's give them a round of applause.
When I came to know that I was chosen for the role a week ago, I have been asking myself what kind of improvement I can make to the CCAs in Ai Tong School? What can I do to bring the school’s arts and sports culture to another level? I even asked my parents what they remembered about their CCAs when they were in their primary schools.

The answer I got was simple. It was the beautiful memories and good times shared by all members within a CCA. From representing schools for competition, sweating out in group training sessions to working late into the night to prepare for the CCAs... All these are nothing but good memories that one can bring along with him or her through the journey of life. I truly agree.

It thus became clear to me that many pupils (once they leave school) are left with good memories of the times during their CCA days, the days that they had struggled through hardship to fight for the glory for their school. These memories are invaluable and created the strong bond between their classmates and among schoolmates. Some of these friendships last for many years, some even into the adulthood of these pupils.

As the head of all the CCA leaders, I have decided that for this year the key thing I wish to promote is to make CCAs fun and enjoyable for every pupil in the school. We shall have CCAs that all of us can enjoy and have good memories in even after we have graduated from Ai Tong School.

I also hope to help create an environment where there is communication among the CCA members. One of the initiatives that will be launched is having a platform where feedback or suggestions can be gathered. We want to hear from our members on how we can make our CCAs better.

Lastly, my team and I will be on a mission to promote the values of Ai Tong, strong teamwork and the spirit of camaraderie in all CCAs. With this, I look forward to everyone’s support for my team and me.
Thank You!

Pledge Recitation by Pupil Leaders

Recitation of Prefects' Pledge by Head Prefect
Recitation of CCA Leaders' Pledge

Prefect and CCA Pledge Recitation

The Head Prefect led the Prefectorial Board in reciting the Prefects’ pledge.  The CCA leader I/C also led the CCA leaders in reciting the CCA leaders’ pledge.  Next, the Prefect EXCO members were formally introduced to the students. The pledge recitation highlighted the school values upheld by our Dynamic Learners; the Socially Responsible Learner and the Sports and Cultural Enthusiast. 


Our Student Leadership Tagline: To Care, To Lead, To Inspire as One.


Prefect Training 2015

Training and Development - Caption.JPG

The Prefects had their first training in Jan 2015.  All Trainee Prefects and Prefects were warmly welcomed back to school.  The training session set out certain expectations and enabled them to understand their roles and responsibilities further.  This year, there was a committee "open-house" where P6 Prefects were present to share about their plans for the various committees.  After understanding more about each committee, the Trainee Prefects and Prefects were better able to make an informed choice on which committee to join.

P1 Help Out

P1 Help out - Photo 01
P1 Help out - Photo 02

During the first recess for the P1s where the P1s had to be independent and be without their parents, the P2 students were paired with the P1s to guide them on how to buy food.  The P2s also showed the P1s where they could visit like the field, toilets, library etc.  The Prefects were stationed around the canteen to render help.  They not only ensured safety, they also shared their school experiences with the P1s and P2s.

July 2014 Pupil Leadership, Members of the EXCO

Prefect EXCO_July 2014.jpg

2-Day Prefect Day Camp

Prefect Day Camp - Photo 01
Prefect Day Camp - Photo 02
Prefect Day Camp - Photo 03
Prefect Day Camp - Photo 04
Prefect Day Camp - Photo 05
Prefect Day Camp - Photo 06
Prefect Day Camp - Photo 07
The P3 to P5 Prefects had their 2-Day Prefect Day Camp on 2 and 3 of June 2014. We were glad to have a few of our previous Ai Tong Prefects back as facilitators. It had been an enriching experience that provided the Prefects an opportunity to work together, to plan and organise as one.
They had indeed Cared, Led and Inspired one another.

Prefect EXCO Training and P6 Prefects Training


P6 Prefect Training - Photo 01
P6 Prefect Training - Photo 02

P6 Prefect Training - Photo 03



The Prefect EXCO and P6 Prefects had their training this year using circle time.

This training enables them to share their views as well as listen to what others have to say.

Prefects have a better idea of their roles and responsibilities. 

Student Leaders and Class Leaders (Monitors) VIA Sharing

Monitor - Prefect Operations Meeting

The Prefect of the Operations Committee has discussed on the plan

for the upcoming Toilet VIA project. The committee,

together with the class leaders (Monitors) have come out with a duty roster.

The class leaders will also be sharing with the class on the project.

NEXUS Committee

Nexus Sharing - 01
Nexus Sharing - 02
The NEXUS committee has conducted Focus Group Discussions with 
Well-being Monitors of P3 to P6 to gather feedback and suggestions
relating to the culture of care.
They have put up a skit that brought up some scenarios
and used them as case studies in their sharing.
The NEXUS will continue to have Pre-assembly sharing with the pupil population.

Chinese New Year

CNY - Photo 01
CNY - Photo 02
CNY - Photo 03
CNY - Photo 04


The pupils and prefects have been working together for weeks to put up a skit.

Together with various CCA group such as Gu Zheng, Wushu and Chior,

they had put up a great performance for Chinese New Year.

Prefect EXCO Meeting

Prefect EXCO Meeting

The Prefect EXCO has been planning and brainstorming 

for upcoming school events and discussing about prevailing issues.  

The different committees also keep each other updated on the plans

and share about the challenges they face. 

They brainstorm solutions and help one another.

Prefects' Pledge Taking Ceremony


Pledge Reciting - Photo 1

Pledge Reciting - Photo 2

Pledge Reciting - Photo 3

Pledge Reciting - Photo 4


During the Prefects' Pledge Taking ceremony, the Head Prefect led the P3 to P6 Prefects and Trainee Prefects

in the Prefects' pledge and then they put on the badge together.

The values associated with Ai Tong's Socially Responsible Leader Dynamic Learner were highlighted. 

The Prefects' tagline: To lead, To care and To inspire as one. 

2014 Prefectorial Board

A warm welcome to all newly appointed trainee prefects. 

We are pleased to present to you Ai Tong Prefectorial Board 2014.

 2014 Prefect EXCO


2014-Prefect EXCO


P6 Prefects

2014-P6 Prefects


 P5 Prefects


2014-P5 Prefects


P4 Prefects


2014-P4 Prefects


 P3 Trainee Prefects                                                                     

2014-P3 Trainee Prefects


Trainee Prefects


2014-Trainee Prefects

P2 Student Leaders


2014 P2 Student Leaders - Photo 01

These are our P2 Student Leaders. They have been carrying out various duties and training to become our future Prefects. 

Welcome to the Student Leadership family!

2013 Service-Learning Trip


The P5 student leaders went for a student-initiated service-learning trip to Bintan in June 2013. They planned and executed their project in a local orphanage.  

Through the service-learning trip, the student leaders have learnt to care and share with the less-privileged in the society. They have also grown to better appreciate the people and things around them.


2013 Service-Learning Trip - Photo 01 2013 Service-Learning Trip - Photo 02
2013 Service-Learning Trip - Photo 03
2013 Service-Learning Trip - Photo 042013 Service-Learning Trip - Photo 05 


Class Monitors and Well-Being Monitors Training


During the training for the class and well-being monitors, the class leaders shared and brainstormed suggestions on improving the school environment.
Case studies experienced by students were brought alive. The class leaders role-played to get them to think about how they react and ways of handling.
Mediation skills and  suggestions are shared by the teacher faciliator. They were also equipped with conflict management and faciliation skills.  
School values were revisited and connection was made to one of the school dynamic learners, Socially Responsible Leader.
The class leaders are now more aware of their roles and responsibilities . 
Class leaders will continue to work together and support one another.
It will be an on-going process of learning and
a meet-up with the various class leaders will be conducted
by our Nexus Committee of Prefectorial Board to gather feedback.


8 student leaders are involved in the annual "National Courtesy Competition- The Friend of Singa (FOS)".

The theme is  “There’s always time to make someone’s day”.

This competition aims to encourage students who have gone the extra mile

in extending a helping hand to others or displaying outstanding kind behaviours and inspiring acts of kindness.

They  are honoured as  FOS Ambassadors upon completing a kindness project together.

They will encourage their peers to emulate their fine example.


Our FOS Ambassadors attended a 1/2-day interactive workshop on 26th February

to equip themselves with skills such as public speaking, relationship management, critical and inventive thinking.

They will also create art pieces depicting kindness. 

These art pieces will then be forwarded to NKF for them to hang at all of their 25 dialysis centres to brighten up the patients' day.


National Courtesy Competition- The Friend of Singa - Photo 01
National Courtesy Competition- The Friend of Singa - Photo 02
National Courtesy Competition- The Friend of Singa - Photo 03
National Courtesy Competition- The Friend of Singa - Photo 04





P3 to P6 prefects had their first training in Jan. The values of the four dynamic learners are used to elaborate the roles and responsibilities of prefects.
School rules are also shared so that they are aware of their expectations as student leaders.
They had the opportunity to talk about the challenges they faced and suggested possible solutions to tackle the issues. 
Termly Interaction Session

Time is set aside every term for the Student Leadership committee to interact with the prefects and P2 leaders.

This platform allows us to address their concerns in carrying out their duties as prefects, opportunity for them to work on student initiated project to improve on school environment and to conduct student leadership workshops.

Termly Interaction Session - Photo 01
Termly Interaction Session - Photo 02


2013 Prefectorial Board


The ATS Prefectorial Board provides more opportunities for the student leaders to participate in school-based student-initiated activities.




P3 Trainee Prefects

2013-P3 Trainee Prefects

P4 Prefects

2013-P4 Prefects

P5 Prefects

2013-P5 Prefects



P6 Prefects

 2013-P6 Prefects