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Physical Education Department


The PE Department strives to develop the physical, intellectual, social and emotional aspects of the pupil through interesting and purposeful physical activity.  Our PE programme seeks to equip each child with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to enjoy a physically active and healthy lifestyle. 


In Ai Tong, the PE Department strives to nurture every pupil to model after the Sports and Cultural Enthusiast. We want every Ai Tong pupil to be enthusiastic in pursuing sports and culture, display resilience and commitment to achieve the sports and the arts pinnacle and to foster team spirit selflessly. We aim for them to hone the values of perseverance, enthusiasm and sportsmanship and etiquette. 


  • To perform and enjoy a variety of physical activities with understanding
  • To develop and maintain physical health and fitness through regular participation in physical activities
  • To acquire the knowledge to make responsible decisions to pursue life-long total well-being
  • To demonstrate knowledge to apply movement skills, concepts and strategies in game situations/recreational competitions
  • To practise personal, community and environmental safety in their daily interactions with others
  • To apply health and fitness concepts and principles in developing good health habits
  • To reinforce values and social-emotional competencies through the authentic contexts in the PHE curriculum


 Lessons taught would include these components:


  • Locomotor and Non-locomotor Movements
  • Sports & Games skills – Tossing/ Throwing and Catching;  Bouncing /Dribbling/ Tapping
  • Manipulative skills - Two-Hand Strike, Kick & Trap, Roll, throw & Catch, Overhead throw
  • Health and Wellness
  • Social Skills Development

Formative Assessments




Games & Sports, Gymnastics & Dance



Curriculum Time

Games & Sports & Gymnastics



Curriculum Time

Manipulative skills



Curriculum Time

Captain’s Ball, Badminton, Basketball & Soccer



Curriculum Time

Track & Field, Rounders, Basketball & Soccer



Curriculum Time

Floorball,  Rounders, Mini-Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee



Curriculum Time









  • Active Learning Day (ALD)
  • Outdoor Education (OE)
  • SHHK Combined Sports Meet
  • Mini Sports Day
  • Sports Fiesta
  • Primary 5 Camp

Active Learning Day (ALD)

- Active Learning Day provides a platform for experiential learning.  The platform created a vibrant learning environment with dynamic learners engaging in active learning. The programme also aims to provide a broad base learning platform in sports and outdoor education, performing and visual arts.

Active Learning Day (ALD) - Photo 01 Active Learning Day (ALD) - Photo 02

Active Learning Day (ALD) - Photo 03  Active Learning Day (ALD) - Photo 04

Outdoor Education (OE)

- Outdoor Education provides a platform for experience learning.  The programme allows learners to construct knowledge, develop skills and clarify values from direct experience. The programme also permits learners to learn social skill through practice. There are strong evidences that support the benefits in social emotion learning of a child through outdoor education. Learners who undergo outdoor education programme must be given the chance to put what they have learnt into practice.


 Outdoor Education (OE) - Photo 01  Outdoor Education (OE) - Photo 02


Outdoor Education (OE) - Photo 03   Outdoor Education (OE) - Photo 04



 Last updated: 29 January 2015