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Mathematics Department


At Ai Tong School, we aim to sustain academic excellence in Mathematics by providing

opportunities for all pupils to learn Mathematics at a suitable pace and to foster pupils’

interest in Mathematics through a variety of pedagogy. Both formative and summative

assessments are used to provide feedback on pupils’ learning. Teaching and learning

centre on problem solving through the use of the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach and

the “I-Do, We-Do, You-Do” strategy to better engage the pupils.


Key Programmes

Math Banding Programme (P5 and P6)

Banding allows pupils of similar learning readiness to learn optimally with appropriate

teaching instructions, learning resources and academic activities that are tailored to better

meet their learning needs.


Differentiated Instruction Lessons for Mathematics (P3 and P4)

Differentiated Instruction lessons were introduced at P3 and P4 levels for selected topics to

cater to the learning needs of the different readiness groups in a class. Research has shown

that teaching in a mixed readiness class will work if all pupils are allowed to experience

success and to learn as individuals.


Learning Support Programme for Mathematics (P1, P2 and P3)

At the lower primary, we focus on building strong foundation and basic numeracy in

mathematics. The Learning Support Programme for Mathematics aims to provide focused

learning support for pupils who need further coaching in Mathematics concepts and skills.


Enrichment Programme

Through our partnership with the school alumni, Math Olympiad Training Courses are

organised for P3 to P6 pupils.


Use of ICT

ICT lessons are conducted to provide meaningful learning for the pupils in the learning of Mathematics. They also aimed at increasing the students’ competencies in self-directed learning and collaborative learning. Besides enhancing the students’ learning through application of basic ICT skills (such as using Microsoft Excel) to analyse and process data or to collaborate with peers to solve mathematical problems, the students are also exposed to other tools and applications that help to strengthen their mathematical concepts. The Primary 4 and Primary 5 teachers have embarked on this journey to use information and communication technology to deepen our students’ learning and to engage them actively during lessons.


The main tools used for ICT lessons for Mathematics learning are Google Sites and iPads.  All P4 and P5 students have access to their respective class Google sites where the teachers upload activities and resources based on the different topics taught. The students are expected to work independently or collaboratively as a group to solve the problems posted in each activity.  The students also have the opportunity to reflect on their learning and to share what they have learnt with peers in the class.


Some ICT lessons are conducted using apps on iPads.  The P4 students have been exposed to the use of iPad on apps that support their learning in the topics on Factors, as well as, Area and Perimeter.  The students are generally engaged in these lessons. The applications are carefully chosen to help the students understand concepts and / or consolidate their learning in the topics.


Here are some photographs of our students in action during the ICT lessons.

  Maths - ICT Lesson Photo 01Maths - ICT Lesson Photo 02Maths - ICT Lesson Photo 03Maths - ICT Lesson Photo 04

Maths - ICT Lesson Photo 05

 Maths - ICT Lesson Photo 06Maths - ICT Lesson Photo 07


 Other Mathematics Activities in School


 Maths - School Activities Photo 01Maths - School Activities Photo 02


 Maths - School Activities Photo 04Maths - School Activities Photo 03


  Maths - School Activities Photo 05Maths - School Activities Photo 06

 Maths - School Activities Photo 07Maths - School Activities Photo 08

updated as at 11 February 2016