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English Programmes

As part of an integrated approach in the teaching and learning of English across all levels from Primary 1 to 6, the department infuses aspects of Social-emotional Learning (SEL), Collaborative Learning (COL) and Self-directed Learning (SDL) in its programmes. This covers two main components, mainly those that are ICT/MP3-related which aim to enrich and transform the learning of the pupils and to equip them with the competencies and disposition to use ICT to look for information, synthesise reports, collaborate with peers and give feedback on one another's work, and those that are non-ICT/MP3-related, which aim to develop the social and emotional intelligence in the pupils so that they can acquire knowledge , skills and attitudes for self-awareness, self-management, social awareness , relationship management and responsible decision-making. 


Also, in line with nurturing pupils to become effective Bilingual Communicators, the department collaborates with the Chinese Department to develop bilingual communicative skills in pupils so that they become confident speakers in their everyday interaction with others through a translation programme.


Ai Tong School aims to develop our pupils to become Bilingual Communicators, striving to be a school of Dynamic Learners in a Culture of Care. The programmes and activities in the English Language Department support the vision and set out to equip our pupils with the skills to serve them well in the 21st century.


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(Whole Language Approach)


(Language and Literature Appreciation)

Writing Programme


(Listening and Speaking)

P4C (Philosophy 4 Children)

Learning Support Programme (LSP /LSP+)

Whole School Approach - Effective Communication (WSA-EC)




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STELLAR Programme

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STrategies for English Language Learning and Reading (STELLAR)

STELLAR aims to strengthen both language and reading skills as well as promote a positive attitude towards reading in the foundational years through the use of well-established, learner-centred and developmentally appropriate pedagogical approaches using authentic children's literature. In these lessons, activities are planned so there is infusion of social emotional competencies and learning is enhanced through the use of ICT platforms. For the upper primary, Philosophy for Children (P4C) is practised alongside STELLAR to stimulate creative and critical thinking in pupils.  


(Source: http://www.stellarliteracy.sg)


For more information, please click on: Stellar Overview_Parents.ppt


Language Arts Programme (LAP)


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Using award-winning titles to teach the English Language is one of the key features of the LAP launched in Ai Tong School in July 2010. The programme aims to raise the level of reading competency, enrich students’ learning experience in the English language, ignite students’ passion for reading, and develop their critical thinking skills. Storybooks present an ideal context for literacy practice as well as linguistic acquisition. It also provides the backdrop for a conducive and creative environment for language learning.


Writing Programme

The programme aims to increase students’ EL competency in writing with in-dept exploration of identified themes. The lessons are customised to the class' ability and focus on content development as well as exposure to relevant contextual vocabulary. Pupils are also introduced to different genre types and they get to practise the application of these skills via authentic platforms like learning journeys. 



The ability to speak with confidence is pertinent in the 21st century. As such, the department has provided the opportunity for pupils to develop their oral communication skills and build their confidence through programmes which include Show-and-Tell, Poetry Recitation, Public Speaking, Readers' Theatre, Dramatisation, Tableau and Conversational Skills. 

Philosophy for Children (P4C)

This initiative aims to introduce a platform for collaborative inquiry where discussions of rich concepts and themes take place. These concepts and themes are aligned to the STELLAR readers. Critical and creative thinking (21st century competencies) are practised within the SEL domains in these lessons. 

Learning Support Programme (LSP/ LSP+)

This programme aims to develop a stronger language foundation for a selected group of pupils in the aspects of grammar, reading and speaking. 

"I Love English" (WSA-EC)

This initiative aims to reinforce the accurate use of day-to-day interactional language and introduce thematic content language, providing opportunities for appropriate use in oral and writing practices.