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Wushu 武术

Brandishing sabres, twirling swords, swirling motion! This is Wushu. The team (derived from "wu" - military and "shu" - art). means the art of fighting or martial arts. Speed, difficulty and presentation distinguish wushu's fluid moves, martial arts  patterns and manoeuvres (kicks, punches, jumps, sweeps and throws), and Chinese wrestling and grappling techniques.


Our Wushu members benefit in fitness, confidence and skills from their training with different weapons and various barehand techniques. Each has at least one specialization.


Wushu is an ideal CCA for pupils who are active physically and socially and wants to know more about Chinese Wushu. Members are trained in these events – Qquan, Sword, Broadsword, Cudgel, Sprar.


Day & Time

Teacher-In-Charge   Venue

P3 to P6 (R + C) - Tuesday

2pm to 4pm

P3 to P6 (C) - Thursday

2pm to 4pm

*Ren Ting #Lim Li Joon Ong Yen San Wayne Lee
 Void Deck