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Swimming has often been described as one of the best sports to maintain a healthy body. This is because it is a whole body workout. Swimming is an endurance sport, and as such an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Besides the health and fitness benefits, learning to swim also equips our pupils with an essential survival skill.  Swimming helps to inculcate intrinsic qualities such as honour, courage and determination in the pupils.

The Swimming CCA is open to Pr 3 to Pr 6 pupils who have at least a Bronze certification in swimming proficiency. Training is twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Bishan Swimming Complex.

Pupils who meet the minimum qualifying times will be selected to represent the school at the National Primary Schools Swimming Championships. 

Day & Time Teacher-In-Charge Venue


P3 to P6 (R + C) - Monday

2pm to 5pm

P3 to P6 (C) - Thursday

1.45pm to 4pm


*Christine Kwong #Rachel Yau Nanthinii Priscilla Koh
Bishan Swimming Complex