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Percussion Club

In the Percussion Club CCA, students will be learning about 24 Festive Drums. It is a traditional performance art incorporating a series of Chinese art - Chinese drum, calligraphy, traditional dance & martial art. The students will learn about the drumming technique for the Chinese drum and music theory to develop their sense of rhythm. Platforms will be provided for students to showcase what they have learnt i.e performances

In line with our school’s vision of nurturing students of good character rooted in Chinese Culture, Percussion CCA is one platform that provides the opportunities for students to learn more about the Chinese culture and widen their horizon of music appreciation in a fun and engaging manner. It is not only a performing group; it is also a CCA group that emphasizes a lot on discipline, character building, teamwork as well as positive learning attitude. 

Day & Time


P3 to P6 - Thursday

2pm to 4pm

*Chang Ying #Chin Siaw Thon
Percussion Room