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Guzheng 古筝

The Guzheng - robust, crisp, melancholy, haunting ! Guzheng is another emblem of Chinese culture in our performing arts. Applying their dexterous fingers to their insruments and in serious concentration. Our Guzheng players display theirs skills with their fingering technique, memorable melodic strains and specially created repetoire.

Members will get to take part in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF). They will also be given opportunities to put up performances for their fellow schoolmates during assembly. 

Day & Time

Teacher-In-Charge Venue

P3 to P6 (C) - Tuesday

2pm to 4pm

P3 to P6 (C) - Thursday

2pm to 4pm

*Loh Ju Chuan #Zha Fang Yu Lim Chye Kheng Esther Ong
  Guzheng Room