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Explorer's Club

Pupils in the club will be involved in different aspects of learning, such as learning about Science and environmental awareness. Pupils will have a chance to engage in Science learning through fun and exciting programmes, such as going to the Science centre and attending exhibitions. They will also learn more about how they can do their part in protecting the environment, which would involve attending workshops and learning sessions outside of school. Pupils will also be in-charge of taking care of the OEL (Outdoor Experiential Learning) garden in school as well as doing some presentations during certain assembly periods to promote environmental protection. They will also be involved in assisting to meet the requirements for the annual School Green Award by carrying out some projects and activities both in and outside of school. 


Day & Time

Teacher-In-Charge Venue


P3 to P6 - Tuesday

2pm to 4pm


*Koh Peck Lian #Goh Shih Hui Audrey

Science Room