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Cub Scouts

Scouting has a purpose which is to help young people to develop their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual capacities as individuals and as members of society, and thus contribute to the development of a better world.


Cub Scouts activities include skills training such as knot-tying and basic first-aid. In addition, we have pack games, inter-Six games, sense-training games, relays and other games to promote social bonding amongst our boys. Stories, in particular Kipling’s Jungle Book and other similar stories that involve adventure, romance, humour, history, religious stories etc., are used and help each Cub Scout to more easily understand the meaning of their Promise and Law through analogy, stories and plays


Ai Tong School Cub Scouts Pack was established in January 2003. Our pack has also taken part in various district events and we will continue to provide a holistic learning experience to all our cubs in our CCA.  


Day & Time

Teacher-In-Charge Venue


P3 to P6 - Thursday

2pm to 4pm  


*Mr Andric Sim

Ms Cham Kah Mien

Alingalan Roy Calvin 

PAL Room