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VIA are learning experiences that support students' development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills.


VIA activities are carried out through whole school and level activities.

Whole school Activity

  • Keep Singapore Clean Movement in School (Daily classrooms cleaning)

Level Activities

P1 & P2- Canteen cleaning & VIA Card

P3-Care for the Environment

P4-Racial Harmony Project

P5- Community Problem Solving

P6- Good Neighbourliness Project & Gratitude in Action (GIA)


六年级“德育在于行动”:睦邻(2017) -  Banner



六年级“德育在于行动”:睦邻(2017) -  Photo 01六年级“德育在于行动”:睦邻(2017) -  Photo 02

另一组同学负责清理组屋区的公共走廊、公共活动区域和游乐场。在用手劳动之前,环境局(National Environment Agency)的官员给同学们进行了一场说明会。在清理的过程中,同学们相互合作,得到了环境局的官员和老师们的赞赏。

六年级“德育在于行动”:睦邻(2017) -  Photo 03六年级“德育在于行动”:睦邻(2017) -  Photo 04

五年级“德育在于行动”活动 (2016)


五年级全体同学于2016年7月15日进行了“德育在于行动”活动。同学们在第一及第二学段进行了“解决社区课题专题作业”(Community Problem Solving project)。他们先锁定所关注的社区课题,并设定目标、集思广益、制定改善社区情况的计划。在完成专题作业后,他们通过与同学及公众分享促进大家对社区课题的了解,并鼓励大家为改善情况出一份力。



“读好书,谈感想,见行动” 阅读活动 (2016)





“读好书,谈感想,见行动” 阅读活动 (2016) - Banner

“读好书,谈感想,见行动” 阅读活动 (2016) - Photo 01

2016 Appreciation Day by Pupil Leaders



  • To thank the people who have contributed for the pupils to have a better learning environment in Ai Tong School    
  • Inculcate the values of being appreciative and grateful of what is given to the pupils




1) SHHK:

-  For providing fund to make our school a great learning environment for all

2) MOE:

-  For providing fund for the renovation of Ai Tong School


3) Construction Vendors:

-  For planning and helping in the renovation of Ai Tong School so that the pupils can have a better learning environment


4) EAS Team (Include admin staff and cleaners):

-  For maintaining cleanliness of the holding school and the new school

-  For helping to clean up the renovated school in preparation for the new school year

-  For handling enquires


5) Teachers:

-  For helping out in the moving of Ai Tong School in all ways

-  For ensuring the new school is ready for all the pupils on the first day of school

Showing Appreciation

a)  Big “Thank You Cards” signed by the pupils during their recesses (Week 5 - 7) to:

  • Ministry of Education (MOE)
  • Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (SHHK)
  • Construction Vendors
  • Ai Tong School Staff  

b)  Packed lunch and drinks were presented to the EAS team (Admin Staff and Cleaners) by the Prefect EXCO on behalf of all pupils on 4 February 2016, Thursday.


An opportunity for all Ai Tong School pupils to practise being grateful for what they have now in the new Ai Tong School.  Indeed, gratitude is a great attitude.

2016 P6 VIA Project: Good Neighbourliness

Date     : 29 January 2016

Venue  : Ai Tong School Canteen & Blk 441- Blk 448, Sin Ming Ave

Time    : 2 pm to 4.00 pm



 -  To show care and concern for the community 

 -  To demonstrate social responsibility and empathy to those in need 

 -  To raise the awareness of good neighbourliness among residents

 -  To increase the amount of interaction among residents through activities 


School collaborated with: 

-  NEA to clean the void decks to develop commitment to the community by being advocates for a clean Singapore.

On 29th January 2016, P6 pupils spent a fruitful afternoon with the residents.


NEA officers praised the cleaning team for taking the initiative to cover shared public spaces like the staircases, other than the assigned void deck areas.


Overview of 2016 VIA Projects