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Guidance Modules

CCE also includes Guidance Modules on Cyber Wellness (CW), Education and Career Guidance (ECG) and Sexuality Education. These modules are incorporated in FTGP lessons to address specific issues, reinforce the Core Values and SECs to enable students to apply them to specific contexts.

Cyber Wellness

The goal of the Cyber Wellness curriculum is to equip students with life-long social-emotional competencies and sound values so that they can become safe, respectful and responsible users of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


Educational and Career Guidance (ECG)

ECG equips students with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to make decisions at each key education stage for successful transition from school to further education or work, and hence to plan and manage their career pathways and learning throughout their lives.


Sexuality Education

Sexuality Education enables students to understand the physiological, social and emotional changes they experience as they mature, develop healthy and rewarding relationships including those with members of the opposite sex, and make informed and responsible decisions on sexuality matters.  Sexuality Education lessons are carried out by trained teachers.