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Our Aesthetics curriculum (Music and Art) emphasizes learning of values, social and emotional competencies (SEC), 21 st CC competencies. Through the curriculum, students will learn to be responsible to the community explicitly, enjoy music, art and appreciate Chinese culture.

Some modules in Aesthetics also leverage ICT to enhance self-directed and collaborative learning in class. Students will undergo a range of age-appropriate performing and visual arts modules from P1 to P6 progressively.

Environment as 3 rd Teacher
In Ai Tong School, we believe that the Physical Environment is more than just a simple container for teaching & learning. Its impact on learning is certain. We aim to create a vibrant learning environment to
• Provide students the opportunity to become actively engaged;
• Nurture concentration, creativity & motivation to independently learn & explore;
• Promote positive relationship.

For the environment to serve as an effective third teacher, our teachers are constantly playing an important
role in observing, recording, reflecting & changing the environment. This is done through optimizing the use
of walls along corridors turning them into art galleries and transforming classroom decorations into learning
opportunities. In addition, the new Interactive Aesthetics Corner《悦艺坊》is specially designed to
promote a vibrant learning environment for students to be actively engaged in self-directed learning. This
corner features a trick eye wall mural, interactive and exploratory Art and Music areas as well as wall
panels to display students’ work. We believe a conducive learning environment is an effective third teacher.
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Artistic Thursday

This is introduced from Term 1 week 6 (2018) on every even week to enrich students’ recess with meaningful structured play. It aims to engage students in fun filled music and art activities to stimulate their creativity. They will get to experience music making using different musical instruments such as boom-whackers and resonator bells in the PAL room. At the Interactive Aesthetics Corner 《悦艺坊》, students get to learn to create fun crafts through interesting craft-making activities like finger print art, origami, texture rubbing and DIY bookmark making.

Developing Our Aesthetics Leaders

Students who have keen interests in music and art and aspire to lead and promote a vibrant arts culture and deepen the understanding and appreciation for the arts in school are given the opportunities to join the Aesthetics Student Leader Committee to develop their leadership skills. Platforms and opportunities are given for Aesthetics Leaders to learn how to plan and organise school-wide arts related events. As role models, they will hence spread the love and appreciation for the arts.