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Power, flexibility, speed, endurance and teamwork - this is volleyball! The players spike and smash in attack, block and intercept in defence, operating as a powerful team against their opponents.


A competitive CCA, introduced in the 1980s, volleyball has entrenched itself at Ai Tong, attracting students who aspire to play for the school.



  TimeTeacher-In-Charge      Venue

 Monday - P3 & P4 (C)

Tuesday - P5 & P6 (C) 

Thursday - P4 to P6 (C) 

2.15pm to 4pm  *Mr Matthew Yap (G)
*Mr Na Kok Yong (B) 
Mrs Caroline Ong

 Basketball Court 

(C) denotes Competitive Team
(B) denotes Boys Team
(G) denotes Girls Team
* Teacher-in-Charge