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ATS 105th Anniversary 爱同学校105周年庆


Turning into a grand dame of 105 years old on 12 October 2017, Ai Tong School had a joint 4-in-1 carnival-themed celebration on 5th October 2017. Other than celebrating our Founder’s Day, we are also celebrating Children’s Day, Opening of New Block and Heritage Gallery. Amidst a plethora of activities involving the tasting of traditional Hokkien food to taking part in games and sports and solving riddles, we successfully made it into the Singapore Book of Records. The school entered the Book of Records with the most number of people (2160) writing the Chinese calligraphy “博爱大同” at the same time.

 The name Ai Tong (爱同) is derived from the Chinese values of "Bo Ai" (博爱) and "Da Tong" (大同) which mean 'love for all mankind' and 'equality for all' respectively. These are values that we hold dear and continue to instil in all our pupils.