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National Day Award -Commendation

The medal is awarded to a person who has distinguished himself through commendable performance and conduct, or significant efficiency, competence and devotion to duty.

Year of AwardName of Staff
2018Mrs Jeanny Wong
 2019Mr Vincent Low 
 2020Late Ms Angeline Tan 

Distinguished Chinese Language Teachers Award

The award aims to recognise outstanding Chinese language teachers who have been exemplary in the teaching of the language and culture. It was formerly known as the Inspiring Chinese Language Teachers Awards.

Year of AwardName of Staff
 2017 Mdm Yeo Yee Teng
2017 Distinguished CL Teacher Award.jpeg

 2020 Mdm Tan Kang LiAi Tong-Tan Kang Li 2.jpg

Academy Awards for Professional Development

The Academy Awards for Professional Development awarded by the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) recognise and affirm the efforts of officers in the education service and partners in education for their contributions to the professional development of the teaching fraternity.

Year of AwardName of Staff
 2018Mr Matthew Yap 
 2020 Mr Matthew Yap

MOE Service Excellence Award (MSEA) - Platinum

The MOE-wide award aims to encourage all MOE staff to continually and consistently serve both internal and external customers with excellent service premised on CARE (Courtesy, Accessibility, Responsiveness and Effectiveness) and the 3 key Service Principles [People Centricity, Mutual Courtesy and Respect and Shared Responsibility for the Public Good].

Year of AwardName of Staff
 2018Miss Jasmine Lee
 2020 Mdm Klera Kwa

MOE Innergy (Schools) Award -Team Commendation Award

The award is conferred by MOE to schools for innovative ideas which enhance teaching and learning. 

The Fun with Figures! programme aims to equip Primary 1 and 2 students with spatial visualization skills. The team focused on leveraging the potential of the skills as a foundation to learning Mathematical concepts taught in Primary 3 to Primary 6. The learning resources were designed using two main teaching tools ‘tangram as a hands-on manipulative’ and ‘systematic counting as a heuristic’ to involve students in open-ended explorations.  The hands-on and minds-on approach, in a problem-solving environment included class-based activities as well as home-based activities for parents to engage their children with the aim of injecting joy in learning Mathematical concepts. 

Year of AwardName of Staff
2019Mdm Lily Lim
Miss Regina Low
Mrs Leow Kian Lee
Mdm Chong Chow Yong
Miss Roziana
Mdm Priscilla Koh
Miss Jowie Koh
Mrs Caroline Lee
Mdm Josephine Ng
Mdm Jesyln Yeo
Mrs Tan Qili