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Brownies is a CCA that emphasizes on the development of primary school girls. It sets out to help the Brownie achieve her full individual potential, relate to others, develop the right values to guide her actions, provide a sound foundation for her decision-making, and contribute to the improvement of society.


A worldwide youth movement, they are distinguished by their uniform, adorned with yellow scarves, and by their motto of doing something good and kind for someone else, without payment and without being asked. Uniformed groups are really about character development, emphasising teamwork, resilience, helpfulness, courage and other values.


They are challenged to take part in activities that cover the following 5 areas: Personal & Social Development, Home, Outdoor, Community and International.  These activities allow the Brownie to encounter a wide range of interests, absorb a variety of experiences and adventure and to complement her formal education. They can look forward to indoor and outdoor activities, camps and excursions. 


Day & Time

Teacher-In-Charge Venue

P3 to P6 - Tuesday

2pm - 4pm


*Nur Asirini #Magdelene Sng Raywathi D/o Muthu Kanna
PAL Room