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Art Curriculum

Our Art Curriculum is designed to ignite passion, develop visual literacy and appreciation in Art. Art learning focuses on the three domains of Seeing, Expressing and Appreciating. They are exposed to broad themes, various art forms and artists to cultivate appreciation of art and culture.


Semester 1

Semester 2





Primary 1

Chinese New Year Craft


SYF – Artist and Space

My Self-Portrait

My Pet Animal

My Wild Imagination

Primary 2

My Family

Fruit Face

Rainforest Collage

Endangered Animals

Primary 3

Protect the Birds

Pop Art Poster

People in Action

Primary 4

Chinese Painting

Diorama on Local Scene

Kolam Design


Primary 5


Knowing our Neighbours - ASEAN

A Special Place

The Natural Environment

Primary 6

Sculpt-a-Singapore Story

VIA Poster Design

Ocean Awareness


P1 Poster Collage - PhotosP2 Fruit Face Collage - Photos

P3 Paper Marbling - Photos

BrusP4 Kolam & Chinese Brush Painting - Photos

P5 Wearable Art - Photos

P6 Sand Art - Photos