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National Education (NE)




Head: Know, Think and Understand
Students are actively involved in learning by taking individual responsibility to promulgate a curiosity towards learning about others, think and arrive at a deeper understanding of Singapore's challenges and what it means to be a Singaporean.

Heart: Love, Appreciate and Belong
Students stay connected emotionally to Singapore and develop their love for the nation through appreciating Singapore and having a deeper sense of belonging.

Hands: Contribute, Create and Lead
Students have opportunities to give back to the society, knowing that everyone has a part to contribute to and create Singapore's future as well as to lead in different fields of society. 

The customised in-house school programmes enable our students to appreciate the 
different cultures and practices of different ethnicity and cultures as well as to advocate active citizenship to contribute to the progress of our community and the nation.

NE Commemorative Days

The four core NE days which are linked to the important points in Singapore’s history are commemorated. The aim is to entrench these events and images they evoke in the consciousness of each successive generation. Learning activities and programmes planned help to create a holistic learning experience for the students.

NE Days


Total Defence Day

  • Students learn the 5 aspects of Total Defence and how they can play a part in each aspect.

International Friendship Day

  • Students learn about and appreciate other cultures in cosmopolitan Singapore through nurturing the spirit of friendship and collaboration.

Racial Harmony Day

  • Students learn about and appreciate the different cultures that make up Singapore by reflecting upon and celebrating Singapore as a harmonious society built on rich diversity of cultures.

National Day

  • Students develop a greater sense of pride through understanding the historical importance and solemnity of the National Day.

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Ensuring a rich and comprehensive experience, our students will be learning about the different festivals, cultures and practices to increase their awareness and develop a sense of respect and appreciation for other customs and traditions.


Festivals, Cultures and Practices


Primary 1

Chinese Culture and Practices

  • To practice the use of Chopsticks

Primary 2

Eurasian Culture and Practices

  • To practice the Eurasian table etiquette

Primary 3

Malay Culture and Practices

  • To practice the Malay table etiquette

Primary 4

Indian Culture and Practices

  • To experience the making of Indian snacks.

Primary 5

Peranakan Cultures and Practices

  • To experience the making of Peranakan snacks.

Primary 6

Consolidate learning of the different cultures and practices

In addition, students also learn more about Singapore and be advocates of active contributors to the progress of our community and our nation.



Singapore Spirit

Primary 1 & Primary 2

SG Icon

To foster a sense of belonging through the understanding of SG iconic places

Primary 3 & Primary 4

SG Achievement

To instil in students a sense of pride being a Singaporean through Singapore's achievements.

Primary 5 & Primary 6

SG Challenge

To understand Singapore's challenges and identify initiative to overcome them.