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Student Leadership

In Ai Tong School, the Student Leadership Development (SLD) programme seeks to nurture students to be like our 4 dynamic leaders who are caring, respectful, responsible and resilient. This is guided by our school vision of “A School of Dynamic Learners in the Culture of Care.” ATS Student Leadership Development Programme uses a whole school approach in providing students with broad experiences that will develop leadership skills and qualities in them to care, lead and inspire.  

Under the SLD Programme, 3 broad approaches are established. They are:  
Team Leadership以智率群; and
Servant Leadership以德服众

Figure 1: Framework of ATS Student Leadership Development

Self Leadership以身作则 (Experience)

Students are provided with mass participation platforms and opportunities to develop desire, confidence and capacity to take ownership of one’s growth and development based on keen knowledge of self and sound values.

To better equip each class leader in their job, the students will attend induction programmes where clear expectations and roles and responsibilities for the class committee roles are communicated to them. Through the sessions, the class leaders will learn the duties, responsibilities and expectations of their appointed roles.

The various class committee roles are:




Class Monitor


Art Monitor


A.V. and I.T. Monitor


Chinese Language Monitor


English Language Monitor


Environment Monitor


Health Education Monitor


Mathematics Monitor


Music Monitor


National Education Monitor


Physical Education Monitor


Science Monitor (P3 to P6 only)


Well-being Monitor

Team Leadership以智率群 (Engage)

Students who have demonstrated school shared values and displayed leadership potential would receive customised leadership opportunities to develop dispositions and social skills in leading and engaging others through effective relationship management.

Our Student Leader Council (SLC) consists of 8 SLC sub-committees where all SLC sub-committees have their specific focus areas which they champion for different causes.

The 8 Student Leaders Council Sub-Committees are:
SLC Committee.JPG

Period of Appointment:

A Student Leader Council leader is appointed or re-appointed annually. The re-appointment of existing SLC Leaders is subjected to continued exemplary conduct in school as well as commitment to the SLC.



Year 1

P3 (July Current year) – P4 (June following year)

Year 2

P4 (July Current year) – P5 (June following year)

Year 3

P5 (July Current year) – P6 (June following year)

Servant Leadership以德福群 (Empower)

Student leaders of high leadership potential are equipped with the skills to influence others positively and impact processes by leading their team of student leaders from respective SLC sub-committees. Student Leader Council EXCO members develop responsible decision making skills through platforms and trainings to create a better environment for others and empowering others through inspiring commitment towards a common goal.

Figure 2: Student Leader Council EXCO Organisation Chart

Student Leader Council EXCO Organisation Chart.jpg

Student Leader Council.jpg

~ To Care, To Lead, To Inspire As One ~