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Our School Rules and Regulations 校规

  1. Active Citizenry

  1. Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge with their right fists placed over their hearts.

  1. School Attendance and Punctuality

    1. Students must observe punctuality at all times. Students are to be in school by 7.30 a.m. during school days (unless otherwise stated). Arrival of students after that would be considered as late coming.

    2. School attendance is compulsory. Absence from school is only permitted when it is supported by a medical certificate from a doctor or a letter of excuse from the parents/ guardian.

    3. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during curriculum time or before supplementary/ remedial lessons/CCA without permission. Any such act would be considered as truancy.

    4. Hence to account for students’ attendance, parents/guardians must write a letter to the Form Teacher to seek permission for students to leave the school on any private matters.

    5. The school discourages students being out of the country and therefore needing to miss school during term time. However, should students need to be out of the country during term time, parents/guardians need to write a letter or email to inform the Form Teacher. Please note that no make-up lessons will be given (unless for compassionate reasons) and no worksheets will be given in advance.

  1. Caring for the School Environment and School Property

    1. Students are to care for the school environment and school property.

  1. Appropriate Behaviour in School and Public

    1. Students are to be respectful and courteous to teachers, staff, and schoolmates.

    2. Students need to behave respectfully at all times, in school and in public.

  1. Prohibited Items

  1. Students are not allowed to bring items that are disruptive to teaching and learning. Card games, toys and electronic devices (e.g. MP3 players and hand-held games) are strictly not allowed in school. Teachers will confiscate these items.

  2. Students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

  1. Responsible Use of Mobile Phones
    With the advancement of technology, owning mobile phones are increasingly becoming common. The school recognizes that parents/guardians need the ease and convenience of contacting their children after school hours. While the school allows students to bring mobile phones to school, it is not encouraged. Students who bring their mobile phones are to adhere to the following guidelines as listed below:

  1. Proper Usage in School

    1. Students may bring their mobile phones to school at their own risk.

    2. Mobile phones are to be used for the sole purpose of making emergency calls or texting messages to parents or guardians. They are not to be used for recreational purposes.

    3. Mobile phones must be switched off during lessons, supplementary/remedial classes after school and lessons conducted during holidays.

    4. Usage of mobile phones is only allowed at the Side Gates.

  2. Confiscation and Collection

    1. If a student is caught using the mobile phone during curriculum time or outside the stipulated places and timing, his/her phone will be confiscated. The Form Teacher or another staff member will contact the parents / guardians to make arrangement to collect the mobile phone, if necessary.

  3. Loss of Mobile Phones

    1. If students bring mobile phones to school, they should be responsible for their property and not flaunt it or invite envy and draw attention to it.

    2. The school will not be held accountable for any losses.

    1. For Students with no mobile phones, parents/guardians can call the

General Office at Tel: 6454 7672 if they need to contact their children.

Alternatively, your child can also make calls to you from the General Office

or the public telephones in the canteen, if necessary.

  1. Responsible Use of Technology

  1. Students are to use media and technology responsibly and with care.

  2. Any improper, unlawful, or incorrect use of information such as posting inappropriate pictures of themselves or others, making inappropriate comments that hurt themselves or others and using vulgar language online are considered as abuse of technology.

  3. Unauthorised access and use of computer service (e.g. using another person’s ID and password without proper authority to access data or a program; alter, delete, copy or move a program or data; and unauthorised output of data – removal of information) and unauthorised use or interception of computer service (e.g. hacking of computer systems to gain free internet services / Wi-Fi) will be dealt with severely.