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Principal's Message

Dear Parents,


I hope your family had a pleasant holiday and a good rest. I am looking forward to another fantastic new school year.  I would like to welcome our returning pupils, and new pupils joining our ATS family. A new school year is always an exciting time for all. It presents opportunities for various beginnings – new classes, new faces and new expectations, just to name a few. Some of our pupils and even parents may be a little anxious of these new challenges but I am confident that your child’s time at ATS will be exciting and filled with many new opportunities.


I am pleased to inform you that Mdm Cindy Ng has been posted to our school as Vice-Principal (Education) with effect 15 December.  Prior to joining us, Mdm Ng was vice-principal of Yuan Ching Secondary School. Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Mdm Ng and work with her in the development and growth of our school.


I would like to wish our Vice-Principal (Administration), Miss Gabrielle Lew, the very best in her new endeavours. Miss Lew has left the school on 18 December 2017.


As a parent, you are the key navigator of your child’s growth. Working closely with us will help you better understand your child’s learning experience in school, so that you could provide him or her the necessary family care, support and reinforcement at home.


We encourage you to join our Parent Support Group (PSG) so that you can get involved with the school’s activities and get to know other parents and your child’s friends in school.  You can sign up for activities that suit your schedule and you do not necessarily have to devote long hours in the school’s PSG to be fully engaged in your child’s education.  Effective parenting cannot occur in isolation from the school, and we would like to partner you to develop your child to be the best that he or she can be. The active participation of parents and community organizations is essential for our continued success.


Here are some tips that you may wish to consider to support your child’s learning

•           Praise your child’s good efforts, and not only his/her successes.

•           Don’t dwell on mistakes and academic results. Always encourage your child to strive for improvement.

•           Give your child the confidence to seek help from his/her teacher.


The school will continue to focus on providing our pupils with a holistic education. We will continue to strengthen our teacher-pupil relationship and school-parent relationship. This year, we will focus, in particular, on school discipline. Learning takes place best when there is order and discipline. It also allows our pupils to learn self-respect and integrity. We need the support of every parent to create a conducive learning environment.


I look forward to your support and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year.

Yours faithfully, 

Mdm Diane Goh