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Volleyball 排球

Power, flexibility, speed, endurance and teamwork - this is volleyball! The players spike and smash in attack, block and intercept in defence, operating as a powerful team against their opponents.


A competitive CCA, introduced in the 1980s , volleyball has entrenched itself at Ai Tong, attracting students who aspire to play for the school. Over the years, all the school teams have acheived top honours at zonal and nationals levels. They train weekly at the indoor sports hall.


Day & Time

Teacher-In-Charge       Venue

P5 (C) and P6 (C) - Monday

2pm to 4pm

P3 (R) - Tuesday

2pm to 4pm

P4 (C) and P5 (C) - Wednesday

2pm to 4pm

P4 (C) and P6 (C) - Thursday

2pm to 4pm


*Mr Matthew Yap

Ms Sharinee

Ms Li Baihe

Mdm Raywathi

Mdm Tan Hwee Hwee

Mdm Choo Siang Beng

Ms Tan Sze Hooi

Ms Janice Lam