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Dance Club 跳舞

Chinese Dance

Since the 1950s, Chinese Dance has been a mainstay of the performing arts at Ai Tong. It not only passes on dance skills but reinforces Chinese culture as well. Entitled "Nanyang Kampong" ("Village of the South Seas"), the dance is inspired by the journey made by early Chinese female immigrants who left China and settled in South East Asia, finding a new home for themselves.


For the third consecutive time, our Chinese Dance troupe clinched a Gold with Honours award, a proud testimony to the commitment given by the students, teachers, instructors and parents. Our Chinese Dancers have often been invited to perform at festive events outside school.


International Dance

Our International Dance troupe is gaining prominence in our performing arts. Our girls once again bagged a Gold award in 2012. In their performance, "Silky Radiance", the girls are "silkworms" wearing silvery costumes.


The dance of metamorphosis depicts a transformation from pupae into beautiful butterflies. The gracefulness and delicacy of the butterfly is transmitted by our students' youthful gentleness in the dance. Flutter away, little butterflies!


Day & Time

Teacher-In-Charge Venue

P3 to P6 (C) International & 

Chinese Dance - Tuesday

2pm to 4pm



*Mdm Zeng Jing

Mdm Chong Chow Yong

Ms Lim Li Joon

Mdm Xia Xiaoling

Mdm Han Wee Tang

Dance Room Level 2