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Brass Band 铜乐队

Da-da-da-boom-di-ay! Trumpets, cornets, horns and of course, the drums - all these great instruments in one brass band! Giving its virtuoso performance in 2012, our Brass Band stuck its first Gold with Honours award. As our key musical ensemble, the Brass Band plays as important ceremonial role.


It is always at the forefront, welcoming important guests and visitors to the school. For many years, the Brass Band has also been involved in the annual celebration of National Day, launching and accompanying the march-past of the Singapore flag. Play on!


Day & Time

Teacher-In-Charge Venue


P3 to P6 (C) - Tuesday

2pm - 4pm

P3 to P6 (C) - Thursday

2pm - 4pm


*Mdm Fan Xiaoxia

Mr Lim Pek Thai

Mrs Lee Sai Hong

Ms Aileen Toh

Band Room