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Badminton is a fast paced sport which requires the player to be alert and agile. Besides teaching our pupils the skills and strategies required to play the game well, Ai Tong Badminton also hopes to instil character building in our pupils through the sport. Pupils learn patience through turn-taking; perseverance and teamwork through friendly matches and in inter-school competitions.

Day & Time

Teachers-in-charge Venue

P4 (R) to P6 (R) - Monday
2pm - 4pm

P4 (C) to P6 (C) - Tuesday
2pm - 4pm

P4 (C) to P6 (C) - Thursday
2pm - 4pm

*Kassandra Wong
Mdm Priscilla Koh
Ms Geraldine Goh
Mrs Regine Ang
Ms Dhatchayani
Mdm Tan Wee Bee
 ISH / Hall