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Our Aesthetics curriculum (Music and Art) emphasizes learning of values, social and emotional competencies (SEC), 21st CC competencies. Through the curriculum, pupils will learn to be responsible to the community explicitly, enjoy music, art and appreciate Chinese culture.

Some modules in Aesthetics also leverage ICT to enhance self-directed and collaborative learning in class. Students will undergo a range of age-appropriate performing and visual arts modules from P1 to P6 progressively. 

Environment as 3rd Teacher 

In Ai Tong School, we believe that the Physical Environment is more than just a simple container for teaching & learning. Its impact on learning is certain. Hence, for the environment to serve as an effective third teacher, our teachers are constantly playing an important role in observing, recording, reflecting & changing the environment.       


We aim to create a vibrant learning environment to 

    •   Provide students the opportunity to become actively engaged
    •   Nurture concentration, creativity & motivation to independently learn & explore; 
    •   Promote positive relationship.

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Last Update: 28 Jul 2017